What People Are Saying About Brian’s Work

“Brian Sommer’s vocal styling’s added the extra plus that our documentary series so desperately needed. In just one take Brian really “gets” the sound we are striving for and adds his special touch to our material.”
Dave Oneal- www.extinct-attractions-club.com

“Fast, Smart, Funny. What more can you ask from a VO talent?”
Thom Pinto Jr.- Voiceover Actor/Instructor

“He still has my hedge clippers”
Richard Kross- Brian’s neighbor

“Brian is a fantastic voice talent with amazing range and talent. He is personable and a pleasure to work with.”
Julian Kwasneski- Owner/Audio Director, Bay Area Sound, Inc.

“Want predictably reliable and outstanding voiceover? Hire Brian Sommer now! After working with Brian on multiple game projects, I can attest to his professionalism, quality, and speed. He is an excellent voiceover actor and reader, and a great asset to any video game cast.
In games, time is always an issue, as is budget. Because Brian can immediately read dialogue as the writer intended it, he requires fewer takes and will help keep your budgets lower. Additionally, his versatility makes him indispensable and his speed allows for efficient scheduling. I expect to see a lot of him at studio.jory.org!”
Jory K. Prum- Owner, Studio Jory

“Brian is the right combination of talent, professionalism, and fun. I will be hiring him again.”
Joseph Lawrence- Senior Sound Designer, Blizzard Entertainment

“Brian Sommer kicks serious #%@*ing ass”
Nate Tico- Brian’s Agent (The Stars Agency)

“The way this guy is going, it won’t be long before clients will be asking for Brian Sommer types!”
Thom Pinto Jr.- Voiceover Actor/Instructor

“Brian is the Barry Bonds of Voiceover. Give him a script and he’ll knock it out of the park (without the steroids)”.
Samantha Paris- Founder/Director of Voicetrax San Francisco

“Brian is one of the most professional, versatile and talented actors I’ve worked with. Be it high-tech jargon or corporate comedy he’s on my A list when it comes to narration”
Michael Fasman- Project Manager, Hewlett-Packard Media Solutions

“It was a delight to work with Brian Sommer. He is easy to direct, quick to inhabit a character, maintains a consistent believable voice, and is creatively vibrant. I am grateful I now have the inside track on such a great resource. I have him at the top of my list of reliable pros.”
Khris Brown- Owner/Director KBA Voice Production

“…the voice work is once again astounding… I could spend a whole day listening to the bickering Rat Creatures…”
Rob Michaud of “Adventure Gamers” in his review of “Bone: The Great Cow Race (video game).

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