Video Game Credits

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VAMPYRE STORY: (Autumn Moon) Baron Shrowdy Von Kiefer, Balcu, and Bruno Stoker
RACE TV: (Sega) Mike Patterson
ART OF MURDER: (City Interactive) Tatum and Scott
MADAME FATE: (Big Fish Games) Ghost
SAM AND MAX: NIGHT OF THE RAVING DEAD (Telltale Games) Jurgen’s Monster
UB FUNKEYS: (Mattel) “Jerry the Dude”
RAMBO: (Sega Arcade) Rambo and various Bad Guys
DIABLO III (Blizzard Entertainment) various Demons, Creatures and Nasty Beasts
BIG TOP CIRCUS PARTY (Kuju America) Ringmaster, Jake’s Dad, and Mr. Carter
IGOR (Legacy Interactive) Scamper and Dr. Blitzkrig
CRAZY TAXI (sega) Male Fare
GEARS OF WAR II (Microsoft) various voices on official website animation
CHRONICLES OF MYSTERY: The Scorpio Ritual (city interactive) Inspector Gronc, Cardinal, and additional
LEAGUE OF LEGENDS (riot games) Game Announcer, Warwick, the Yeti, and Tryndamere
RETURN TO RAVENHEARST (Big Fish Games) Charles and Victor
MYSTERY LEGENDS: Sleepy Hollow (PIixle Storm) the Narrator
ELVEN LEGACY (paradox interactive) The Sergeant, Father Delande, Hexer, Tonngrim, and Thane
FANTASTIC FARM (Kristanix Games) The Arch Wizard, The Mayor, and Worker
THE ORDER (jolly bear games) The Emperor, The Magician, and The Hanged Man
WAY OF THE SAMURAI III (Acquire) Umemiya Munechika and additional
TALES OF MONKEY ISLAND: Chapter one (Telltale Games) Rockrib and Marshall
TALES OF MONKEY ISLAND: Chapter two (telltale games) Hardtack and Pirate Bill
TALES OF MONKEY ISLAND: Chapter four (telltale games) Hardtack and Judge Grindstump
ASSASSINS CREED: Bloodline (ubisoft) Barnabus, Jonas, Marcus, and additional
AVENUE FLO (play first) Bernie and Seymore
DINER DASH: Hometown Hero (play first) The Recycling Machine, Lawyer, clown, and man on stilts
MAGIC ACADEMY (nevo Soft) Richard and Rend

SOCOM 3 (sony) Regional voice recognition
THE ADVENTURES OF PENNY PACKET (cisco systems) Dr. Electtron
AMERICA’S ARMY: RISE OF A SOLDIER: (ubisoft) Lead Southern Soldier, Tower Guard #1, Cropak Soldier #2, Sgt. Hurt, Olsen, Sgt Foley, Sgt. Lowell, Kramer, McGill, and Pvt. Oaty.
OUT FROM BONEVILLE: (telltale games) Rat Creature #2
PIXIE PACKET: (cisco systems) The Router
PHANTASY STAR UNIVERSE: (sega) Renvolt Magashi, Train Master, and Security Guard
CHROME HOUNDS: (sega) Master Sgt. Jayrus Cole, Alexi Izmailov, and Carlos Nedal
ARMORED CORE: LAST RAVEN: (sega) G. Faust, Cerberus Garm, Rim Fire, and Wanton Busker
BONE II: THE GREAT COW RACE (telltale games) The Rat Creature #2 and Dirk
MAGE KNIGHTS: APOCALYPSE (dsonic) Black Talon, Altem Javed, Dwarf Captive #4, East Guard, Dwarf Rifle Guard, Minotar Leader, Primitus, Scalesworn, Gnoll Leader, and Zombie Townsman.
HELLGATE: LONDON (Flagship studios) Lord Summerisle, Bruiser, and Savage Fiend LISTEN
RAINY WOODS (AKA KILLER’S MO) (Marvelous Interactive) Kieth Ingram
DEATH JR 2:ROOT OF EVIL (backbone entertainment) Billy Galaxy, Louie the Royal Mounted Llamma, Hell Tram operator, and Hell Elevator Announcer. LISTEN LISTEN
INTERSTELLAR WRESTLING FEDERATION (Backbone entertainment) Balthazar and Matsumo Clodsman
SAM AND MAX: (Telltale games) Brady Culture and Driver #1
TOO SPICY: (Sega arcade game) Host-Game System Voice, Lawrence, Charlie, Alexander, The Boss, Charlie’s Boss, and Narrator.
ALIEN SYNDROME: (Sega) Tom Tobin, Private Yates, and Hostage #2
RAW DANGER: (agetec) Mr. Savage, Ringmaster, Construction Manager and Michael (father).
REDNECK KENTUCKY: (City Interactive) Game Voice
GUNZ: THE DUEL: (iJJi) Game Voice and Hero
PHANTASY STAR UNIVERSE: (Sega) Renvolt Magashi
TOY PALS: (Somatone) Stan, Sniff and Chico
HELLGATE LONDON: (Flagship) Rourke Pherral

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