Toy Credits

PLAY SMARTER BASKETBALL: (Little Tikes) as the Coach
GOFER IT: (Little Tikes) as the Gopher
IDJITS: (Cell Phone Toy) as The Ghost of Smelly Mc Fartin, Phlem Phinging Phil, Mayor Dookie, Coach Elbo Grease and Flabble Cabbie
Talkable Plush Smurfs: (Playalong Toys) as Hefty Smurf
Pokeball: (Jakks Pacific) as the Game Voice
AI Tech Racers: (Tomy) as the Race Announcer
Green Eggs and Ham: (Leapfrog TAG book) as Sam-I-Am, Boat Captain, and Train Engineer
Madagascar II: (Leapfrog TAG book) as Kowolski the Penguin
MR. BROWN CAN MOO, CAN YOU? (leapfrog TAG book) as Mr. Brown
TALKABLE PLUSH SMURF (playalong toys) as Painter Smurf
NFL RUSH ZONE (Leapfrog DIGI game) as the Sportscaster

Copyright 2014 Brian Sommer Killer Voiceover